BD 1

client: private person
location: Prague, Břevnov
building type: apartment house
project: 2010
site: 960 m2
building footprint: 433 m2
usable floor area:1470 m2
rentable area: 1390 m2
(parking and storage booths: 194 m2
non-residential premises: 153 m2
residential premises: 857 m2)
project phase: study
author: Markéta Zdebská

Situation: The site is strongly defined by the terrain morphology, the shape of the lot and orientation towards the points of the compass. A steep north-east slope within a built-up area, on the border between rental houses and a historical urban area Tejnka.
Concept / house / materials:
The specifications were defined, in short, as a maximum exploitation of the building land, and a requirement to build a small apartment house with 6 to 8 flats including a home for the parents of the investors, who currently live in the existing building. The client chose the alternative of reducing the number of flats while increasing their usable area and so achieving higher comfort thanks to fewer residents in the building as a result. The high land coverage is compensated by an imprint of the original greenery – extruding the garden with the volume of the existing house of the parents. The result is 1 floor with parking and non-residential premises, 3 floors of flats and a house with a garden on the roof of the building. The perimeter load-bearing structure and the concrete communication core form a solid structure of the building. Any further dividing elements are designed in variants and may be changed in time. The facade is clad in facing bricks. A combination of fair-face concrete and wood prevail in the interior. Rubber flooring has been designed for the technical facilities.


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