KA 2

client: legal entity
location: Uhříněves, Czech Rep.
building type: multifunctional
project: 2011
site: 1780 m2

building footprint: 360 m2
usable floor area: 700 m2 

project phase: study
author: BY architects
postproduction: Jan Drška

Situation: A slightly sloping site located in the historical centre of the town. The lot is an original farmyard adjacent to an inn.
Concept / house:
A wall has been designed around the perimeter of the lot, which unifies, delimits and defines the given space. It clearly identifies the yard. Its arrangement, at the same time, makes it possible to set the level of intimacy as needed in specific situations by means of through views, entries, connections and divisions.
The planned new building is located on the very border of the lot. The lower floor therefore becomes a part of the border wall, and the upper floor with the gallery hovers above it, veiled in perforated corrugated sheet like a little cloud. The oblong facade facing the public space is divided in the classical order, the other facades let the material itself dominate, in contrast. At the gallery, the materials overlay. The perforated sheet stretches along the perimeter of the gallery and the actual facade, at the points of entry into the units, is clad in larch floorboards. The gallery can be accessed from two sides. The uneven terrain is used to create a barrier-free access to the gallery from the north-east.



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