RD 3

client: private person
location: Kolovraty, Czech Rep.
building type: family house

project: 2010
site: 300 m2
usable floor area: 130 m2
project phase: finished
author: Markéta Zdebská
in cooperation with:

Molo architekti (structure project)


Rostislav Zapletal / Markéta Zdebská


Situation: The small-size site is located on a slight western slope, in a suburban area of the capital city. It has a very good public transport access from the city centre. The surrounding development is of a mixed character, both in terms of age and shapes and sizes.
Client: 4–person family intending to buy a pet. Separate rooms for the growing twins may get handy too.
House: Given the constraints of the lot, the house has been designed as 2-storey. A part of the upper floor protrudes forward and leans on two steel pillars so as to form a roof over the entrance and the parking space. The gable of the saddle roof levitates towards the road and naturally complements the street front. The lower receding mass with the main living space supports the rest of the upper floor.
Materials: The house construction has been designed using the two-by-four system. The skin of the house is formed by corrugated fibre cement cladding in a light grey hue. The entrance door, the outdoor ceiling, the terrace and the window linings are clad with larch wood.


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