RD 10

client: private person
location: the north of the Czech Rep.
building type: family house
project: 2012

site: 3000 m2
usable 2nd floor area: 330 m2
phase: competition study

author: BY architects 

visualisation: Jan Drška

Situation: The site with a complicated terrain conditions is located on the border of a forest, to the north of Nový Bor. The placement of the house is determined by the shape of the site, by the requirements for usable house area, by the driveway and by the views. The longitudal garden with existing solitary trees is complemented by an orchard and an alcove.
Concept / house:
The house is defined as "object in object", with a varied amount of privacy from a free, wild garden, to an intimate patio in the middle of the house. The facade of the living space is protected from the external sight by defining the private patio composed of flower beds, lawns and hideaways under the trees. The openings in the exterior wall frame the views of both the near and far landscape.
The exterior wall and the walkable areas of the private patio are made of marlstone. The driveway and the entryway to the garden as well as the wall openings can be concealed by wooden sliding doors or louvers. The facade of the house is mainly glazed. The roof is intensive green roof.


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