RD 4

client: private person
location: Neratovice
building type: 
family house

project: 2010
site: 2065 m2
usable floor area: 116.3 m2
project phase: study
author: Markéta Zdebská
in cooperation with:

Martin Prokš (study)

Situation: A flat land situated near a railway track, on a boundary between urban and rural development.
Client / concept: A family intending to move out of a prefab block of flats into a family home. The symbol of that is a saddle roof although the programme of the house is single-storey. And so the roof is raised only above the main living space, emphasising, at the same time, the importance of that part of the house.
House: Taking into account the proximity of the railway, the house is designed as a wall offering tranquillity for the indoor living spaces and for the living garden into which all the living spaces are oriented. The utility rooms and bathroom cling to the perimeter wall. The small bedrooms contrast with the expansive living area with a kitchen, which rises upwards, open to the saddle roof structure.
Materials: The house construction has been designed using the two-by-four system. The facade consists of larch floorboards, the garden wall is stacked with old bricks painted white. The flat part of the roof is covered with extensive greenery.


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