VS 3


building type: public space

project: 2013

project phase: finished

project initiator: Ondřej Kobza

cooperation: Markéta Zdebská

architect, ingineering, organizing


Markéta Zdebská, Matteo Maienza


Alžběta Skálová, Martina Kupsová

Situation: Architect Markéta Zdebská was a co-founder of the project "Pianos in the street". From 22.July 2013 till April 2014 she and other members of her atelier brought a great contribution to it by communicating, organizing and coordinating all the necessary issues. She administered preparations for this project. Michal Měřička transported the pianos und Vít Horažďovský tuned them. Markéta supported Lucie Kmentová with PR activities. She set up together with Ondřej Kobza a new project, which spreads joy throughout the whole country.
Concept: “We would like to contribute to the social activities of the public in the daily life and we believe that these delicate elements can help to show the people what is possible. In our opinion the Pianos can boost their imagination and inspire them. Our aim is just to bring them to pay more attention to the space around them. What makes fun in the team work is the fact that it goes beyond the abilities of an individual. The initial idea is actually like a little seed which sprouts only in the good conditions… and someone has to look after it and watch that nobody treads on it until it is strong enough. This process is called realization.“


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