RK 10

client: private person

location: Prague Vršovice

building type: refurbishment

project: 2013

usable floor area: 35 m2

project phase: finished

author: Markéta Zdebská

in cooperation with:

Jakub Lukeš, Karel Hašek


Rostislav Zapletal

Situation: Making the usable area of the clothes designer's studio more efficient. Creating simple undisturbing environment while keeping the existing furniture and accessories.
The room became an open, evenly sunlit space by systematic arrangement of the facilities. The hated column, which only hindered before the refurbishment, becomes a statue, and the unusable space, narrowed by the poorly placed facilities, suddenly becomes the principal working space.
The completion of oak parquet blocks. Drywall partitions, cement screed and lit barrisol soffit in the facilities, white lacquered doors divide the studio space from the facilities, industrial aluminium ladder.


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