RK 15

client: private person

location: Prague - Letná
building type: apartment refurbishment
project: 2015
project phase: under construction

author: Markéta Zdebská


Jan Drška, Marek Žáček

Situation: A 3-room apartment on the top floor as an attic conversion. Corner position offers exceptional views.
Client: We were asked to design the interior of a future 3-member family's home during already initiated construction by a small development company. The principal arrangement was therefore largely given but we still managed to make changes so at least the facilities (storage, bathrooms) are more efficiently designed.
Concept: We designed a spacious walk-in closet and a small bathroom right next to the entrance and we defined that space as entry space also by means of surfaces. There's a historical concrete tiling on the floor in basic cream-coloured tones with an dark-blue ornamental accents, and skirting continues into the bathroom and closet as a smooth rubber of the same colour.
The rubber is complemented with ceramic wall tiles of the same cream colour in the bathrooms, and there's also a printed glass as an echo of the entry floor tiles in the main bathroom. The furniture is white lacquered, the lights are fully neutral.
The bedrooms are partially furnished with a furniture the family already has and then, after a mutual discussion, we added a refurbished armchair by Antonín Halabala and built-in wardrobes.
The living room "walls" are formed by a white kitchen on one side, built-in bookcase with homeoffices on another one and a built-in sofa on the third side. Then there are traditional mexican chairs La Silla Acapulco and refurbished wooden chairs around a wooden table inserted into the space. We designed the table for the client as a lacquered board on metal base and it can easily accommodate 8 people. The table is literally crowned by a linear wooden light which puts a proper emphasis on this part of the living room. There's a natural oiled oak flooring on the floors of all the living spaces in the apartment.


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