UB 3

location: Řevnice

building type: urbanism

project: 2015

project phase: competition study


Markéta Zdebská, Jan Dobeš,

Tereza Dvořáková

in cooperatin with: Nadia Kościow

visualisations: Jan Drška 

Project: The fundamental aim of the design is to create a feeling of town interior, a reason to dwell in it. The lake, turning into an ice rink in winter, the alcove, serving as a shelter for passersby and cyclists. Experiences, variety of atmospheres, the path through water and by the obelisk which can be also looked at from the step placed on the lake bank. The strong theme is passing through - through the square itself, the alcove, the lake, the rose flower bed. The diagonal paths connect the important accesses to the square with a continuity of the existing well-trodden pedestrian routes.


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