KA 1

client: legal entity
location: Děbolín, Czech Rep.
building type: administrative
project: 2011
site: 866 m2
usable floor area: 645 m2
project phase: study
author: BY architects

Situation: A flat land on the fringe of a village on the premises of a manufacture company processing glass. The siting and shape of the new building is determined by the distance separation from the neighbouring lot to the SE, the site border on the NE, and the manufacture building on the NW and SW side. The result is a building 8m wide, 62m long and 7.3m high.
Concept / house:
The main entrance into the building is at the 2nd floor level. Due to the terrain difference on the border of the site, the entry into the building is designed as a rising footbridge, the same width as the indoor communication. The access footbridge is veiled by a wind porch which is tapering in shape so as to create an impression of drawing people in to the building. At the other end of the building, where the management office is located and where the communication leads to, the structure opens to view the local landscape. The height of the building is designed in relation to the cornice of the neighbouring manufactory. The upper floor has been accentuated with respect to the terrain and the function of the building. That creates an impression of it hovering above the plinth formed by the lower floor. The facade of the upper floor is assembled from glass lamellae (superimposed glass). That drapes the upper floor in an etheric pleated skirt. The opened wind porch and its shape tilts towards the incomer as if for a kiss.


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