RD 1

client: private person
location: Měchenice, Czech Rep.
building type: family house
project: 2009
site: 770 m2
usable floor area: 120 m2
project phase: under construction
author: Markéta Zdebská
in cooperation with:

Jakub Chuchlík (study)

Ida Čapounová (study)
Jan Dobeš (detail design)


Situation: The terraced land lies in close proximity to the Vltava river, in a built-up area of rural character, and mixed type. A foundation plate was inherited at the upper end of the site.
Concept / house:
To watch the magnetising beauty on the opposite bank, and the water surface underlining it. From spring till winter.
The building has been designed as single-storey, based partly on the existing foundation plate. The front part of the house protrudes over the edge of the old retaining wall and it stands on steel pillars. The parking is at the roof level where it adjoins the access road. Residents enter via a spacious terrace one floor below. There, the house connects to the quietest part of the lot. The lowest level of the lot will be used freely for planting trees and for garden parties.
The house construction is designed in the two-by-four system. The facade combines cement-bonded particle boards (CETRIS) with vertically laid planed larch baulks.


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