RD 5

client: private person
location: Hostovice
type of building: family house

project: 2010
site: 700 m2
usable floor area: 162 m2
project phase:

study / invited competition
author: Markéta Zdebská

visualisation: Jan Drška 

Situation: A flat land, the garden as a vacant space between family houses. The siting of the house clearly respects the street line with regard to the urban design of the area. The building thus becomes an integral, town-forming element of the local development. The single-storey design generates a larger area of the building with a total footprint area of 210 m2 including the inner atrium. Nevertheless, it naturally fits in the local development. The modern morphology of the proposed new building is an invigoration rather than an invasion of an extraneous body.
Concept / house: The whole narrative of the house has been woven to suit the user. The particular functions are tied to the through-view axis, as if they were gradually projected on translucent screens, one after another. The inner layout of the house is based on a mingling of the particular functions and on determining their sequence and location according to the relevance of the certain spaces to the common denominator. The individual “clusters” of the associated functions may therefore develop in time as required by the family life. The rooms “with a motif”, forming certain transitions from the living space to the private bedrooms, open up to the living space or close in, which offers a spatial diversity, discretion and freedom of arrangement as needed by the user.


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