RK 13

client: private person

location: Prague - Letná
building type: interior refurbishment

usable floor area: 33 m2 

project: 2014
project phase: finished

author: Markéta Zdebská

in cooperation with:

Jana Horecká, Pavla Hradilová,

Jarin Krouz

photodocumentation: Aleksandra Vajd 


Situation: A small apartment with a terrace on the top floor of Bio Oko complex. The catastrophic condition forced a complete refurbishment.
Client: The client is a writer - intellectual. Therefore the requirements are specific, especially considering the size of the apartment and its low ceilings.
The task was to examine a possible new arrangement. The specific requirements were: double bed, shower stall, large fridge, keeping the existing parquet flooring and placing sufficient amount of storage, in particular to accommodate 42 metres of books that client either already has or plans to have in the future. In general designed for a single person, now for the client, in the future possibly for renting. The interior should give the impression of being both cosy and smart.
Concept: By the new arrangement the apartement goes back to classic, conservative scheme. The entrance space, walk-in closet, sunlit bathroom, sleeping space and the main living space with kitchen was created somehow naturally after the demolition of original partitions. The living space gains 15sqm of free floor area which brings a great spatial quality into such a small apartment.
The entrance space with a view towards the Stromovka park naturally separates the apartment from the common corridor. The bookcase as a fundamental element of the apartment design embraces the living space from two sides and tells clearly who is the inhabitant. There's a long seating inserted into the bookcase enabling watching movies or accommodation of a possible overnight guest. The double bed is similarly inserted, creating the impression of a separate room, which is enhanced by a window offering the only diagonal view towards the city the apartment has.
Materials: The bookcase made of pine and construction plywood, white lacquered kitchen and bathroom cabinets, kitchen desk and bathroom sink made of corian, lit barrisol soffit in the bathroom, parquet and white PUR screed flooring as two contrasting surfaces.


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